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Our hose supplier Parker Hannifin is structured with sales offices and manufacturing divisions to guarantee optimum focus on meeting the market and our customer demands.

Parker’s thermoplastic hoses are the answer to many technical challenges. With unique features and performance characteristics, thermoplastic hoses outrival other established alternatives. Whether the challenge is extreme temperatures, pressures, robustness or special custom designs, Parker’s thermoplastic hoses will not disappoint you. Just some of the benefits:


  • Outer covers that can withstand extreme wear
  • Superior cut resistance and extended service life

Compact OD

  • Space saving due to small diameters and bend radius
  • More hoses can be installed in the same installation
  • Use hoses as small as required


  • Less abrasion and contamination inside the hose
  • Reduced residue build up
  • Extended lifetime for filters, valves and hydraulic systems

Permeation Resistance

  • Highly limited gas egression
  • Reduced ingression and reduced risk of media contamination

Highest Pressure

  • Up to 4,000 bar working pressure
  • Highest technical standards and production controls assure safety

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